Kurnia Mitra Duta Sentosa

About us


PT KURNIA MITRA DUTA SENTOSA (PT KMDS) has been established for more than fifteen years in F&B industry, and is widely recognized for distributing superior beverage products.

Noticing the rapid growth of PT. KMDS, at the end of 2006 Monin Syrup of France entrusted PT. KMDS to be their sole distributor in Indonesia. Monin is simply the product that has set the standard for similar products, and it has been recognized and used all over the world by many Food Service establishments. The people behind PT. KMDS are passionate with their products and are committed to provide their customers with the best beverage solutions that are appropriate for their needs and budgets. PT. KMDS is constantly looking to improve itself and its services in order to be the best one stop shop for your beverage and equipment needs.


Menjadi perusahaan terdepan dalam bidang penjualan, pemasaran dan distribusi produk makanan dan minuman berkualitas



1. Menyediakan produk makanan dan minuman berkualitas yang aman dikonsumsi oleh masyarakat.

2. Menjaga kualitas penyimpanan produk hingga siap distribusi yang aman dikonsumsi oleh masyarakat.

3. Mendukung perkembangan usaha Hotel, Restoran, dan Kafe terutama dalam peningkatan kualitas produk makanan dan minumannya.

4. Mendukung usaha baru dibidang Hotel, Restoran, dan Kafe, yaitu dengan memberikan pegetahuan dan mengembangkan produk makanan dan minumannya


1. Mengutamakan produk yang bermutu dan aman.

2. Memberikan pengetahuan yang bermanfaat bagi perkembangan usaha makanan dan minuman.

3. Mengutamakan kepuasan pelanggan.

4. Memberikan layanan purna jual maximal sehingga menciptakan loyalitas pelanggan.