Kurnia Mitra Duta Sentosa

Fryer Series HY - 530

HY-530 Automatic Ascending & Descending Fryer

  • Size : W280 x D520 x H360 mm
  • Pot : W300 x D240 x H150 mm
  • Net : W190x D240 x H100 mm
  • Power : 220V / 2800W
  • Oil volume : 8L
  • Weight : 12 KGs



  • Automatic ascending and descending controls time by a timer. It can be set from1 minute to 15 minutes according to type of goods. Don’t need to monitor and the frying process is safe and effective.
  • Oil is heat by electric heater inside the oil tank. It saves cooking time and energy.
  • The oil temperature is controlled in order to extend the service life of oil.
  • This machine is easy to clean. The remnant is cleanable by removing electric heater and the oil tank is removable for clean.
  • Small appearance, space saving, few oil required and saving cost.
  • It is suitable for breakfast shop, café and restaurant.

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